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Why is it important to keep your office clean?

Posted on by Alban Cleaning

officeNo matter what kind of business operation you have set-up, your office is where you and your staff will be spending the majority of their time. You spend more time at the office on average than anywhere else, and it’s for this reason that you must do everything you can to keep the office clean. There are many benefits that your company can reap when you keep on top of the cleaning, and we’ve put together some of the key points as well as the key areas you need to keep clean.

Focus & Motivation

Imagine entering your office to find papers strewn around, mucky prints on the windows, stains on the carpets and a thick layer of dust covering everything. It wouldn’t make you want to work very hard, and in all likeliness it would probably physically inhibit your ability to do your job properly. Couple that with the scattered and confused state of the working space you’re in and it creates a big distraction from the job at hand; if focus is low then productivity will also be low. This costs you money – possibly more money than you would spend to have the office spruced up on a regular basis.

Health & Sickness

An obvious benefit of keeping a clean and tidy office is the health benefits you get. The cleaner surfaces and other areas are the less likely people are to spread germs. This should help you keep your staff from taking unnecessary sick days which would cost the company.

A healthy and clean atmosphere helps not only boost the avoidance of sick days but will make your staff feel better looked after. Their overall outlook will improve if everything is fresh and clean for them at the start of the week rather than breathing in damp and dust.

Clients & Customers

While it’s important for your staff to be in a clean and tidy office, it also has a huge impact on the impression you make on clients and customers. Whether they’re new clients you’re looking to take on or just existing customers coming to hold talks with you, they aren’t going to be impressed if the place has an odour and a lack of composure. You’ll want to wow anyone entering your building, and there is no better way to get things off to a good start by maintaining a professional and clean office.

What are the key areas?

So you know the benefits, but where do you need to focus your attention? There are three main areas which, when tackled, can help you keep on top of a clean office. The first is the toilets; everyone uses them – even the MD of the company – so ensure these are kept clean and odour free. Secondly, pay attention to the lunch room, this can easily get out of hand if it isn’t looked after and the smells can be worse than the toilets. Lastly, and quite obviously, your desks need to be spick and span to create a habitable working area. This means no dust, crumbs or grubby marks.

Here at Alban Cleaning, we provide a team of experienced cleaners and tailor services to meet the needs of your premises for superior office cleaning. Contact us on 01727 789 626 or online today and let us take on the cleaning task so you can focus on the business.

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