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The importance of a CQC compliant cleaning service

Posted on by Alban Cleaning

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In every industry there are standards which must be met and to which people must be held accountable. The CQC (Care Quality Commission) provides industry standards for hospitals, dental surgeries, GP surgeries, care homes and other care-related service providers. This includes not only the way people are cared for but it also goes as far as to inform people about the level of cleanliness which should be accepted in such places.

Companies cleaning in these care environments where hygiene is so important must adhere to this level of cleaning when providing their services.

What does it involve?

There are several aspects to a CQC compliant clean, and they hold equal importance for providers of cleaning services. The first point involves the premises themselves; the cleanliness and hygiene is key to the efficient operation of the building. The spread of infection or poor hygiene can be aided by dirty floors, walls and doors and people will be untrusting of any premises they enter which has not been regularly cleaned and disinfected.


Similar points can be made for the equipment of a building, but whether it is hospital beds or the chairs in a nursing home, the equipment is something patients and residents will all come into contact with on a daily basis. Even visitors could be left susceptible to germs and no one wants to leave their family members in a place that has bad odours and unclean equipment.

The materials used in cleaning for the health care industry also need to be taken into consideration. Cleaning providers must ensure that the strength of cleaning materials is up to task but also that they don’t enter the hands of patients or children. An array of cleaning machinery and materials will be needed to tackle all possible problems from floor cleaning to toilet cleaning.

What are the benefits?

The benefits of cleaning in any environment are obvious to most people, but with a CQC compliant clean there is the added boost for the reassurance of staff, patients and visitors. A compliant clean takes care of the three areas mentioned previously to help prevent the exposure to, and spread of, germs and disease to people in the building.

Hospitals and dentist practices are constantly seeing a turnover of people and the peace of mind you can give to everyone entering the building means that they need not fear disease or unhygienic conditions. By offering cleaning services which stand up to the CQC guidelines you can be sure that you are doing everything within your power to protect people.


Here at Alban Cleaning we provide CQC-approved cleaning services to a variety of healthcare buildings, using our experience, knowledge and a team of dedicated specialists to ensure your premises are kept thoroughly clean for the benefit of everyone who steps foot inside. Contact our friendly team today on 01727 789 626 (or your local number) or fill out our simple contact form to find out more about our services whether you require care home cleaning or doctor’s surgery cleaning.

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