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What Are The Dirtiest Areas Of Schools?

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We all know how important hygiene is for people and school children are among some of the most vulnerable, with germs and disease being easily transferred because there are so many people in such a close proximity to each other. Schools then, are one place in which we need to take particular care, ensuring that our children are looked after as best as possible.

Part of this involves identifying which areas of schools are the most likely to harbour germs. The dirtiest areas of your school require the most attention, whether it’s because they’re the most frequented or because they take such heavy usage day to day.

Messy school changing rooms

Changing Rooms

While you would expect changing rooms to be kept in a sanitary standard you can also imagine how difficult that must be. Every day a school worth of students could potentially trudge their way through changing rooms, whether it’s for swimming classes or just in preparation for Physical Education lessons, it will be a muddy, sweaty area. If you don’t keep on top of this area you’ll find the mess will spread into other areas in close proximity, such as halls and offices.


Obviously your lunchroom will see peak usage at breaks and at dinner time but that doesn’t mean that mess should be left to fester. Food and liquid needs to be cleared away or it can present a hazard, it can even draw in pests such as ants and mice. No one wants to eat in an unhygienic area and you certainly don’t expect to pick up germs when you’re having your lunch with your friends. This could also be an area with multiple uses if you’re short on space – even more reason to keep it clean and tidy.



No two pupils are the same. Some will have picked up compulsive cleanliness as standard from their parents while others won’t, and it’s for this reason you should ensure every desk is cleaned on a regular basis. Discipline is the only way to ensure your students don’t damage or graffiti on tables and desks, but by regularly wiping surfaces clean you can at least help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria on students hands.

The Art Room

A lesson where you get to play and express yourself with all manner of materials, art classes should be messy to be well utilised. But just as every artist needs a fresh canvas to work on, your pupils deserve a fresh classroom to get stuck into. If you allow the mess to build up you might never find your way back to a clean room, as paint, clay and glue can all get caked on to a variety of surfaces. Don’t lose this battle, it could be costly in the long run when you have to replace fixtures and fittings.


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