Here at Alban Cleaning, we are passionate about providing rigorous washroom cleaning services in St Albans, and with the current state of a lot of public washrooms, we know just how important and valuable our work can be.

What should be a practical, pleasant solution for people in their workplaces can in fact be a melting pot for harmful germs and bacteria, creating a serious risk for people in highly populated offices to contract illnesses or infections. For this reason, many people are less than keen to use public washrooms, and whilst sometimes it cannot be avoided, there are some very rational reasons why people may be less than enthusiastic about using them.

Here, we run through some of the reasons public washrooms can become such a germ-ridden environment, and what can be done to ensure that your public washroom does not create a spread of germs within your office or workplace.

Where does the poor hygiene start?

Bringing a large number of people together such as in an office environment can create serious opportunity for the spread of germs with instances of the following:

  • shared washroom facilities
  • poor handwashing facilities
  • shared hand-towels
  • communal eating areas

When large numbers of people use public washroom facilities, there is no keeping tabs on whose germs you are coming into contact with. If anyone’s hand washing procedures are not of a good standard, or if you come into contact with anyone who is under the weather through using shared door handles or office equipment, the spread of germs can be unbridled.

How can the spread of germs be minimised?

In order to reduce the spread of germs in your public space – office or otherwise – as much as possible, public washroom facilities need to have a number of measures in place. These include:

  • regularly topped-up hand soap
  • a constant supply of paper towels or a good hand dryer
  • a quality clean of the public washroom on a daily basis
  • good personal hygiene as practised by staff in your workplace

For washroom cleaning services in St Albans, choose Alban Cleaning and be amazed with the results. Our expert team work hard to keep public washrooms hygienic and pleasant to use at all times, so give your public washroom the care and attention it needs, and your staff the hygienic area they deserve, and get in touch by giving us a call today. We’ll be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.