A happy workforce is a productive workforce, and ensuring that your staff are happy while they’re at work can go a long way to keeping attendance rates high and productivity levels consistent. In this piece, we are going to look at some of the ways you can encourage high attendance levels in your workplace.

Set clear guidelines

If you have clear guidelines with regards to what constitutes excessive absenteeism, your employees are likely to take notice. For example, if you decide that being more than 30 minutes late to work is considered ‘too late’, and then set a limit of how many times this can happen before it becomes a disciplinary issue, then you may find that employees work a little harder to be in on time.

Support employees

While some employees may be late or absent due to poor organisation, always consider that employees that don’t show up on time or at all could be going through difficult personal issues. Where possible, try and engage with these employees to find out if everything is ok at home or in other areas of their life, and offer support and assistance where you can. If they feel they can come to you with personal issues, they may not feel they have to shy away from work when these problems arise.

Reward good attendance

Offering incentives for employees to have no unplanned absences over a certain period can be a very effective method of increasing attendance. For example, a small pay rise or an extra day of holiday as a reward for no unplanned absence across a 12 month period can serve as extra motivation for employees to come into work every day.

Offer adequate holiday allowance

Ensure that your employees have enough guaranteed holiday days to use when they need them, to avoid them having to book unplanned days off for unexpected events. If they have a healthy amount of paid holiday that they are allowed to take over the course of the year, they can use these when they need time off without leaving the workforce short.

Bonuses for unused holiday days

Of course, it is perfectly fine for employees to use all of their allocated holiday days, but if you offer the option of being paid for any untaken holiday days, they might come into work rather than book off holiday just to get their allocation used up.

Keeping a clean office

Ensuring that your office is clean not only reflects a good business image but it also creates a healthier working environment, for example, reducing levels of dust. Generally, it also improves overall employee satisfaction, making the decision to attend work more positive.


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