The impression you give as a company has a huge impact on how much business you may or may not receive. A smart, well-presented business or school with a tidy, clean working space or office can play a huge part in how well that premises can do in terms of productivity for a number of reasons. These office and school cleaning services can lend themselves to the following benefits:


Reducing the costs of operation

Instead of hiring an in-house cleaner for your business or school which can be costly in terms of the hiring process, health insurance, base salary, sick pay, cleaning supplies and equipment, using a professional cleaning service instead is a much more cost-effective route to take for your business. By simply paying one easy rate to cover all cleaning by the company, the cleaning and maintenance cost as a whole will be low and manageable.

Time saving

By hiring a professional cleaning service to carry out a quality service at your premises, you can save time by not having to supervise cleaners or even persuade your employees to tidy around themselves. A professional cleaning service will take the job off both your and your employees’ hands, allowing you to focus on the task at hand while the cleaners keep your office spick-and-span around the clock.

Staff morale improvements

By ensuring the office is a clean, tidy and hygienic place to work, the staff at your premises are bound to feel more motivated to work to a high standard with less concern about the unpleasantness of their surroundings. Giving employees a workplace they can be proud of does wonders for their respect toward the company, allowing them to feel better about coming to work each day.

Keeping cases of employee illness down

The aforementioned improvements in hygiene within the workplace following the implication of a professional cleaning service are a serious factor in reducing the number of employees falling ill while at work. By keeping a clean, hygienic workplace, the spread of disease can be kept to a minimum, allowing sick pay to be kept to a minimum and workforce productivity at a high level.

Impress clients who visit

As mentioned at the start of the article, giving your business a smart frontage and an image to be proud of with which they can face the world can benefit your custom levels no end. Indeed, by impressing any visitors, customers or potential clients with your clean, smart space, you could well see improvements in the quantity of people using your service.
Here at Alban Cleaning, we provide an office cleaning service like no other, ensuring your office is dressed to impress at all times. Whatever size commercial space you need cleaning on a regular basis, our expert team of professionals can get the job done for you in an efficient yet thorough manner on a regular basis and at an extremely competitive price. For more information on this or any of our other services, get in touch with our friendly team today and we’ll be happy to help.