When winter is over, you may be left feeling like you want to blow the cobwebs away. One way in which workplaces up and down the country manage this is by carrying out a spring clean to welcome in the longer and brighter days of the warmer months. Here at Alban Cleaning we provide expert office cleaning services, and in this article we share some of our top tips when it comes to spring cleaning your workplace this year:

Get rid of old paperwork

One simple thing you can do to declutter your workplace is to rid the space of old paperwork and unwanted documents. Perhaps you can invest in some new filing cabinets, or even a better filing system to stop the build-up of paper re-occurring when the documents inevitably start flying in again. You can even stop printing so much off to keep the volume of paper circulating your office down as well. Remember to recycle the paper you are throwing away to keep your workplace’s output as environmentally friendly as possible.

Dust your surfaces

When doing a spring clean at your workplace, remember to dust the surfaces thoroughly. Such a simple action can really help lift the look and feel of the space, creating a brighter atmosphere. As well as this, the new, dust-free environment will improve the hygiene and the pleasantness of the workplace for workers and visitors alike; yet another bonus of this simple cleaning technique.

Give your floors a deep clean

Floors can get extremely dirty over time, and performing a deep clean on your workplace’s floor once in a while is a great way of lifting the look and feel of the space. Dirt can clog up, making your floor look darker than it is, which – in turn – can make your workplace feel more dark and gloomy. By having your floor thoroughly cleaned, your workplace will be rejuvenated into a light, bright and hygienic space.

Get your windows cleaned

Windows are where all the natural light comes through to keep your workplace benefitting from a bright atmosphere. With the longer, lighter days coming around again, make sure your windows are sparkling clean.
Here at Alban Cleaning, we are proud to provide an expert commercial cleaning service to our customers throughout St Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead. Whatever office cleaning services you require, feel free to contact our friendly team of experts today and we’ll be happy to help answer any enquiry.