We’ve all been there: the floor in your property hasn’t been cleaned for a while, and all that foot traffic is starting to show in the appearance of your floor. Footprints, dust, dirt and debris are starting to accumulate on the surface, and your once-sparkling floor is starting to look a bit run down, and a big clean is needed to restore that sparkle. Before bringing out the cleaning products and the anti-bacterial wipes, though, pre-sweeping should take place. This can work wonders in tandem with your thorough cleaning, and here’s why:

Prolongs equipment usage

A pre-sweep can remove excess dirt and dust from your floor, making it easier for other tools and equipment to do their job. If you add cleaning spray to a floor that hasn’t been pre-swept, then you are essentially dampening the dirt that is there, making it harder to remove from the surface, and potentially clogging brushes and mops.

For larger properties, such as commercial premises, it is common to use mechanical sweepers and scrubber dryers. For these environments, utilising pre-sweeping before you use the machine is vital. The most vital component of a scrubber dryer is the squeegee blades, and excess dirt can cause these to become blocked, effectively neutralising the machine.

Prevents scratching

There is a risk of scratching when you clean floors, as the mops and wipes will drag the dust and dirt they collect when you use them. While it is unlikely to cause huge, distracting scratches, they can certainly accumulate over time and become noticeable if you continue to clean without pre-sweeping.

Cleaning a floor that has not been pre-swept can have knock-on effects for further cleans, too. If you use cleaning equipment on a floor that hasn’t undergone pre-sweeping, the next time you use the equipment, the dirt that has accumulated on the equipment can leave streaks and marks on the flooring.

Pre-sweeping is simple to do and it can yield fantastic results, making the main clean easier and ensuring you aren’t left with any unsightly marks or irritating extra tasks to do once you have finished cleaning.

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