When cleaning your premises, it’s important to save time, money and resources wherever possible. This leaves businesses trying to answer the question of how to clean efficiently whilst still maintaining high standards of cleanliness and hygiene. Luckily, advances in cleaning technologies now offer solutions that enable staff to optimise the cleaning process by getting the job done more efficiently, cost-effectively and with less waste. But how can periodically investing in new cleaning technologies benefit your business?

New Cleaning Technologies… Save Time

In a world where time and money is precious, many new technologies are geared towards making tasks quicker, and this has extended to the cleaning industry. Not only is time and money saved by investing in more efficient cleaning equipment, but the productivity of cleaning staff is boosted as a result.

Some machines now have auto-fill options, allowing the operators to leave the machines to fill with water whilst they continue with other jobs. Innovative scrubber dryer technology is also useful, as it is able to clean in the same way as a rotary cleaning machine, but also has the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, leaving the floor dry.

Other examples of time-saving cleaning technology can be found on the market, and because staff spend less time emptying and replenishing their machines, this allows them to cover a larger area in a shorter space of time.

New Cleaning Technologies… Save Resources

Our planet is under a lot of pressure and a soaring human population equals a bigger strain on resources. Boosting your image as an environmentally friendly company is increasingly important in the modern world, and one way you can hit your green targets is to make your cleaning process less wasteful. Many types of green cleaning technologies have been created with the aim of making  the cleaning process less consumptive and less wasteful.

Dosing systems are a technique that is being implemented in green cleaning technology. These systems measure doses of chemicals accurately, reducing excessive use. This saves resources and, consequently, reduces expense. Some manufacturers are also beginning to install settings that have a distinction between heavy cleaning and normal cleaning to allow the energy consumption to suit the type of cleaning.

New Cleaning Technologies… Enhance the Comfort of Operators

Heavy cleaning machines with intense vibration can lead to bad posture or pain. These health issues can be avoided by replacing older, clunkier models with lighter and more compact pieces of cleaning equipment to promote comfort.

There has also been a move to create more ergonomic cleaning equipment, such as creating longer handles for dusters or improving the grip on certain items. Choosing ergonomic options that enhance the comfort of the operative results in staff that are healthier, happier and ultimately more productive.

New Cleaning Technologies… Offer a chance to train staff

Upgrading to new cleaning technologies is a great opportunity to train and upskill your cleaning staff to use the new equipment, and to teach them how to clean more efficiently. This will ultimately boost the skill level of your workforce and allow them the flexibility to use different types of equipment.

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