If you think your cleaning strategy is not quite up to scratch, it might be time to shake up your spring cleaning routine to improve its efficiency.

The origins of spring cleaning are disputed; some say it derives from a Jewish Passover tradition, whilst others claim it’s an ancient Persian practice of ‘shaking the house’ before Persian New Year. Whatever the roots, spring cleaning is a fantastic opportunity to thoroughly deep-clean your home or business, giving it the time and attention it might not normally receive. In this guide, we will be exploring how to spring clean more effectively and what activities can optimise your annual interior overhaul.

Lady with janitorial supllies ready for spring cleaning

How to spring clean more efficiently

Give attention to:

  1. Cleaning equipment: The concept of cleaning your cleaning equipment may be difficult to get your head around, but it’s a vital step for preserving the functionality of your items. Vacuum cleaners in particular can become clogged with dust and debris which needs to be dislodged for them to operate effectively.
  2. Vending machines: These pieces of equipment often get missed during ordinary cleaning, which is pretty alarming for a place that stores food. Therefore to eliminate germ buildup, make sure your office vending machines are given close attention.
  3. Vents: Overlooked for months, vents can become a home for dust deposits which impairs the ability of the ventilation system, so make sure your spring clean involves nursing your vents back to their optimal efficiency.
  4. Carpets: Many premises neglect carpet cleaning due to its perceived expense and hassle. However, to preserve the quality and longevity of your carpets, make sure they are given the attention they need during the annual spring clean. A professional company, such as Alban Cleaning, can have your carpets looking good as new in no time at all.
  5. Light switches and door handles: Any areas of the office where people’s hands are passing over the same area continually are bound to become a breeding ground for microorganisms. Therefore it’s important to make sure you give these areas of high ‘hand traffic’ the attention they deserve, in order to bring them back to hygienic standards.
  6. The cleaning products you use: The same crusty old cleaning products may have be languishing in the back of your cleaning closet for years; a spring clean is the ideal time to refresh your cleaning arsenal with brand new products. This will  ensure an efficient clean that is not hindered by a outdated products or chemicals running low.
  7. Light shades: Have you noticed your light shades getting a little grey? Months of dust accumulation can cause this slow discolouration. Let your lights achieve their full potential by removing the shades from the fixture and giving them a wash with dish soap and a damp cloth.


Other useful spring cleaning tips include:

    1. Start at the top and work down. When you dust those hard-to-reach high places, the dust will fall and settle on the ground; therefore low-down areas must be cleaned first.
    2. Declutter first. Get rid of those odds and ends that you no longer use. This allows you to reclaim valuable space, but also makes the cleaning process run more smoothly by granting you more room to maneuver.
    3. Create a schedule. Sometimes we don’t register how much one task impacts the success of another whilst cleaning. Drawing up a plan is especially useful for an office, as cleaning will impact operation of the premises in addition to the people who work there. A schedule that considers the best order and method to conduct the cleaning process could boost the productivity and efficiency of the clean.
    4. Hire out professionals. To guarantee a thorough, deep clean this spring, nothing will get the job done better than the services of a specialist cleaning company. Alban Cleaning have years of experience, cleaning offices and other large buildings from head to toe, leaving them spotless and hygienic.


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