The cleanliness of any property is crucial to the health and hygiene of those who are in it, whether that be a home, a school, a restaurant or a hospital. The unseen, invisible dirt that accumulates in a building can cause serious issues if not taken care of properly, which is why cleaning staff are so important. But how important is training your cleaning staff, and what is the point of it?



If there is a clear plan in place for the cleaning of a property, no matter what type of property it is, then that can only help productivity. When everyone knows what their next task is, confusion and delays are minimised, meaning work gets completed quickly and there are no rooms waiting to be cleaned for inordinate amounts of time.

Good impressions

Furthermore, for visitors, residents and other staff, seeing a slick operation gives them more confidence in the company as a whole, as it shows that organisation is a key part of your business.


This seems obvious, and it is obvious, but it’s still worth noting. When each of the cleaning staff knows what and where they are supposed to be cleaning, it helps minimise the presence of dirt and dust, and avoids mistakes like cross-contamination via the use of the wrong equipment. This is particularly crucial in places like hospitals, where cleanliness is one of the highest priorities.


As mentioned above, a full training programme means an increase in productivity, and an increase in productivity means happy staff. Happy staff are more motivated and more willing to go the extra mile in their work, which can only be a good thing when it comes to keeping your premises clean!

Staff retention

If staff are working in a positive environment, where they are assisted with their jobs and given training where necessary, they are much more likely to enjoy their work and are more likely to stay for longer periods of time. Not only is this a nice statistic for your company, it also means that the need to train more new staff is reduced, saving you time and money.

As you can see, there are several benefits to providing training for your cleaning staff, and the positive effects can be far reaching, from the staff themselves to your business and your customers.

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