Carpets are the flooring of choice for millions of homes around the world, and for good reason: they are available in a huge range of styles, making them perfect for any interior decor, from contemporary homes to more traditional designs. However, like any surface, carpets will start to look a bit unkempt if they are not looked after properly. We’re going to look at why carpet grooming is the perfect option for your flooring.

What is Carpet Grooming?

Carpet grooming is a process that usually takes place after a carpet cleaning, and is carried out by a professional cleaner. The purpose of a carpet cleaner is to reset the nap, which is the surface of the carpet you walk on – it usually faces in a certain direction. There are a number of reasons for grooming the carpet:

Loosens soils and dirt

We’ve all tried to scrub marks and dirt out of our carpets, with varying degrees of success. However, a carpet grooming will loosen said marks and dirt, bringing them closer to the surface, making it much easier to remove them.

Lifts carpet pile

Heavily walked-on carpet will become flattened over time, which can be unsightly and affect the appearance of your carpet as a whole. Carpet grooming lifts these flattened areas, restoring the fresh and consistent look of your carpet.

Vacuum assistance

A fresh, cleaned carpet will need vacuuming too, but if it has been groomed as well, then it makes vacuuming a lot easier, as it brings dirt and marks to the surface, so your vacuum can collect it easily – no running back and forth over the same spot trying to pick up that particularly stubborn bit of pet hair or dirt! An added bonus is that it can remove the tracks left by vacuum cleaners that occurred before you had the carpet groomed.

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